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Kassel, 10. AUG. 2011

Dear Dr. Koerner,

Now that I've had the pillow six weeks, here my report:

Because of my severe scoliosis since my earliest childhood and the stiffening of two thirds of my vertebrae 30 years ago my back has a very asymmetric contour. Relaxed sitting or lying was possible only with difficulty and, after only a short time, I experienced pain in different parts of the back and neck or already existing pain was further intensified. Travel, regardless of the means of transportation, was always unpleasant for me. Repeatedly taking painkillers (which only offered limited help) was the only way I could travel at all. I tried many pillows of very different kinds in the hope of finding relief. Up to now these – whether inflated or sewn – brought no lasting relief.

Since June 28, 2011, the day on which you gave me your  atlas-medLINE pillow, this has all changed. During the trip from Berlin back home (a five hour trip) I first used the pillow as a neck support. It was a wonderfully relaxed feeling in the neck and the neck region and I would nearly have fallen asleep if it hadn't been for the pain in the lumbar spine region, which grew increasingly stronger. So I placed the pillow in this region. After trying out different folded positions I had the feeling "now I've got it right". After only 10 minutes could already feel the relaxation in my back muscles. After one and a half hours the pain was gone, and for the remaining two hours of the trip I was free of pain and completely relaxed. For my husband too, the trip was then much more pleasant, since I no longer had to keep changing my sitting position and we didn't have to stop so often so that I could move about.

In the meantime I tried out the pillow four times on a longer car trip and on a six hour train trip. Thanks to the individual possibilities for folding the pillow and draping according as required it was always possible to travel relaxed and free of pain (without medicine). Finally I can look forward to long distance traveling.
But I use this pillow not only while traveling, I use it every day – evenings in the arm chair and during the night in bed. Even when my back pain becomes unbearable during the day, I lie half an hour on the pillow. Usually the pain is then pretty well relieved or completely gone. I followed your suggestion to sew a pillow cover in order to fix a certain folded position. For my requirements, though, this is a disadvantage, because I need to use the pillow in very different folded positions and in very different regions, so that I am unable to say whether I require a certain folded position especially often and the pillow should be fixed in this position. For me it is the flexibility which makes the pillow very special. I have now washed the pillow once. Since there are no instructions for washing, I washed it by hand with a special mild detergent. The only weak point: on a hot summer day I perspire strongly on the position where I lie on the pillow. But I can fully accept that.

In short: The pillow is ingenious and I can't be and don't want to be without itany more.

I wish you and Ms. Würzner a good summer.

Best wishes
 Ursula R.

Saarland 3.6.2011

Dear Dr. Koerner

Test pillow: 01/000/0039

I tried out your pillow and am unreservedly enthusiastic. Severe complaints in the cervical spine region seriously disturbed my sleep,  since I often woke up due to pain. The atlas-medLINE pillow completely relaxes the muscles of the neck, so that – for the first time – I can sleep well. In the morning I feel reborn. And in the arm chair in front of the television I can now completely relax with the pillow. Whether in the neck region or in the lumbar spine region, it provides excellent support and total relaxation.

Kind regards M.S.

June 3, 2011, 11:26

Report on experience with the "atlas-medLINE" pillow“

Test pillow: 01/000/0022

Dear Dr. Koerner,

Once a year my husband and I undertake an interesting, but strenuous trip to Asia. In March 2011 we were first in Hanoi (Vietnam) for three days and then traveled through the South Chinese province of Yunnan. I tried out your pillow and found it absolutely convincing! On the long distance flight I was very happy to have support in the lumbar spine region – I could adjust the seat to the reclining position, but back pain still returned within a short time. Without your pillow, I would certainly have tortured my sciatic nerve.
At the airport in Bangkok, for example (one of our many stopovers), I dozed on your pillow and was fully refreshed when I awoke. Your pillow served well during our long overland trips. Once I had to improvise with my fleece jacket, because the pillow was unfortunately in my carryon luggage, in the trunk space, and we couldn't stop while traveling. In the future I'll now have the pillow handy at all times on our trips. By the way – at the hotel I also used it as an additional pillow or reading cushion, as required.

I would like to make two suggestions:

1. I find the pillow somewhat too wide. In my opinion this is not necessary and it would be easier to fold over and store if it were somewhat narrower.

2. Since I only travel once a year, it would be good to have a leaflet or a small information sheet handy that explains how to fold the pillow correctly in keeping with my requirements (for example, neck sections or lumbar sections).

Best wishes and all the best,


Oranienburg, 20.4.2011

to the Institute for Applied Human Cybernetics

- Head of the institute

Dear Dr. Koerner and colleagues,

My wife and I had the good fortune of getting your two test pillows 01/000/0012 and 01/000/013 from your institute before our vacation. While driving to Kiel (of course only the passenger, my wife, in this case) I already heard the songs of praise, or more exactly: I heard nothing at all. My wife fell asleep, completely relaxed. On the ferry to Oslo we used the pillow both in the lounge chair on deck and overnight,

by simply laying over the rather uncomfortable ship's pillow. After returning home we found that this pillow will not only accompany us while traveling, but also provide relaxation as never before in the arm chair and on the couch.

We wish you every success with your developments and send you our best wishes from Oranienburg!

 Anneliese and Rainer H. 

Hohenerxleben, 27. April 2011

Dear Dr. Koerner,
On March 30, 2011 you gave me travel and sleeping pillow number 01/000/042, developed in your institute, to test. After a test phase of four weeks I would like to let you know that the pillow has so far proven very helpful for resting on my relaxer chair and also for long drives in my car.

As a pillow for overnight (raised by laying on top of another pillow or a wool blanket to reach shoulder height), so far it has not brought about any improvement compared with other pillows (Tempur or pillows with tiny plastic pearls). But it was not really developed for this purpose.

Best regards
 E. – M. Helms

Berlin / Friedrichshain, 18. März 2011-05-06

Hello Dr. Koerner,

The KID pillow from the atlas-medLINE series has taken hold in the truest sense of the word! In spite of her momentary urge to move about my Lütte likes to go to her buggy often and hug the clowns. It's amusing to see how seriously and how exactly she takes the folding of the pillow that you have explained. She has already explained the variants to her entire kindergarten group. For me, especially the support of the cervical spine region is a great relief, because the head is no longer hurled back and forth every time we go over the curb or other uneven places.

Best wishes and many thanks!


Ines S. and Annika


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