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From Ines Amazon / 5 out of 5 stars

The perfect support, March 7th, 2012

Review referring to: atlas-medLINE TRAVEL

In our dental practice I tested the atlas-medLINE pillow developed by Dr. Herbert Koerner by comparison with conventional cold foam rubber pillows. Let me call it a relaxation pillow for the following reason:
This pillow does not force me into a particular body position, is not too thick, too soft, too thin, does not press too hard, and is not too weak. This pillow provides support in the region where support is required and only with the absolutely necessary force, so that you have the feeling of floating. The minimal support of the head leaves you with a feeling of a certain lightness, leading to relaxation: nothing is 'under pressure'. I can use the pillow flexibly: rotating, turning, folding, ' just as I require ', with the forces necessary to relax – no more and no less.

Thanks to its size the pillow fits in every handbag: a good companion on long distance flights. Arriving at your destination, it is useful with 'unergonomically'shaped furniture for sitting. And evidently I'm not the only one who likes these many advantages. Why else, then, was my pillow stolen during my flight to Vancouver?

Our patients are now able to thoroughly appreciate this orthopedic pillow, so that every dental session is not only more comfortable, but also more relaxed.

Ines works in a dental practice.

From robi "mmr" (berlin) Amazon / 5 out of 5 Sternen

Head and neck perfectly relieved – heavenly!, March 2, 2012

Review referring to: atlas-medLINE TRAVEL

I have the pillow for a few weeks and am thrilled. While traveling by car my wife was able to sleep soundly for four hours! Especially relaxing is that the neck is supported very gently and that it's practically impossible for the head to fall down. One feels free and still optimally supported. Thanks to the chamber design of the pillow there's no pressure on the ears and resting while traveling or in a reading chair is a pleasure. I can heartily recommend this pillow not only for people with neck pain, but for everyone who wants to really relax.

P.S. A friend told me that she had practically no more neck pain after sitting for a long time. She even had the pillow prescribed by an orthopedic specialist … (at the moment this is probably only possible when one has private medical insurance).


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